About Royal Baltina

“All Royal Baltina’s products are laboratory tested in order to ensure continual improvement of the company’s growing variety of products, better production process and suitability.” 

Royal Baltina makes 100% teff packed and ready to mix teff flour. Royal teff products are packed with 5, 10 and 25kgs and are in affordable prices. These sizes were chosen to make it convenient for people living alone and with small family sizes. Further, the ready to mix concept is to ease people’s busy lives. Most people like to mix teff with other edible flour ingredients in their houses before they mix the teff flour with water, some people do it to be economical and some mix it to get the best nutrition out of it but we decided to give that choice to the people.

They can buy the full teff from us and buy whatever flour they wish to mix it with and create their own kind of injera. We hope to give relief to parents with kids who have gluten allergy and that’s why both our white and red teff and our upcoming sorghum products are delicately handled and freshly packed. We carefully manage our process and have dedicated teff milling sites in order to be sensitive to people with gluten allergy.

“We want consumer’s to have the ability to identify product conformity and for our products to able to compete internationally.”